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The way to clean the house of dust is not difficult, but you need a little organization to reach the best results. Dust is a nuisance to the housewife, especially in those homes that are on the main roads or in areas of desert nature or areas that are constantly exposed to storms and dust, and it accumulates Dust inside the house quickly and easily, which makes the process of cleaning it constantly a difficult matter for the housewife, and some women follow more than one way to clean the house of dust and now we will remind you how to clean the house from dust and some of the ways to remove dust easily so that your house is always clean.

How to clean the house from dust easily
Put your house in order first
Of course, cleaning and removing dust in a cluttered area is a very difficult matter as it consumes more time and effort, so it is better and the parents to arrange the house first and get rid of the clutter and clutter and return everything to its normal place and then start cleaning.
Clean from top to bottom
Follow the cleaning method from top to bottom so as not to repeat what you are cleaning twice. Start first by cleaning the ceilings and walls, then the longer and shorter furniture, and so on to the floors. You can start by cleaning the furniture first in all the rooms and then cleaning the floors at the end or cleaning each room separately, taking care to suck out the dust. Vacuum the floors so that dust does not fly back onto the furniture after it has been cleaned.
Use wet towel
Clean your furniture by using a slightly dampened and completely wrung towel, as this method limits the spread of dust and dust inside the house, and also gives a wonderful shine and cleaning, and if you add some disinfectant materials to the towel such as Dettol, it will also give disinfection for your purposes, and you can also Put a small amount of disinfectant diluted with water in a spray bottle and apply it directly to the furniture, then pat it dry with a clean, dry cloth.
خادمات مغربيات للاستقدام

Use the vacuum cleaner
Replace the hand-held vacuum cleaner with a vacuum cleaner, which works to suck dust easily from curtains and upholstery as well as carpets and keep it inside so that dust will not spread again to the pieces of furniture. Then use the wet towel to remove dust from the furniture and then the last step is to mop the floors.
Flushing outside the house
If the duster must be used to clean the deep dust inside the mattress and upholstery, make sure that the dusting process is carried out outside the house, such as moving the furniture to the balcony or in front of the apartment door and doing the dusting process and take into account when traveling that you cover your furniture with some sheets so that dust does not form Inside your home furniture is so dense, if you come back from traveling you just have to take off the furniture covers and wash them and your furniture will be clean.
Floor cleaning
If there is a large amount of dust on the floors, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to prevent the dust from spreading again to the furniture. It is also recommended to wipe the floor using a wet towel to ensure that the floors are free of dust. If you find dirt in it, you can remove it with a hand broom and shovel to get the best clean, and then wipe it with a damp mop.
Do not use a wet mop to mop and disinfect floors before removing dust, as this leads to dust not being disposed of properly in addition to the accumulation of dust on the mop that will no longer be usable for cleaning, so you can avoid all this by making sure to remove the dust first and then mopping, you can Add a little floor cleaner to get a great shine.
Close the windows to avoid dust
Closing the windows after the daily ventilation of the house prevents the entry of dust to a large extent, so be careful not to leave the windows open all the time, especially in the days that carry dust storms, and you should close the curtains in case of storms and spray the curtains with water spray.

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