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A great idea initially but you already bought Madden. If you want to charge more to get a match style. It needs to be justified. It might cost extra workers to conduct MUT. Only charge a monthly membership of ten dollars and let everyone have ALL the players. I second this. For the Madden 20 coins Love of God, WE ALL watch the Garbage match EA makes each yeat where we ALL whine and whine, THEN, bend over and purchase the new Madden. Quit Buying Madden. Either stop buying or quit complaining and live your butts up since it's going to NEVER Change unless you do first. Haven't bought a Madden since 2017 and do not plan on buy 2021. Sign a petition, combine the cause make those greedy, grubby Mother Fuckers pay attention or get prepared to lose us the fans.

It has been like this for decades and people still buy Madden every year and are bewildered and shocked each and every year that nothing is altered but continue to obtain the game that is broken. It's like if you took a pole and constantly jabbed it into your leg over and over again but every time expecting a different outcome but are confounded and confused that it hurts every time you maintain fucking doing this. The only way to make them make a change would be not to buy Madden. There focus will always be on what brings in the most money.

It is almost like they eventually realized letting people upload updated rosters and draft classes made people less inclined to buy the new madden but could not get rid of the feature because they did not want the backlash,plus it costs money to sponsor the information utilized. They purposely bugged it and will make folks used to it not being a thing so they could slowly get rid of the feature.

My brother tried to destroy my team

I don't think I could name a SINGLE thing that functions to its entire potential in Madden. Lol they'd have to really give a liquid shit about the standard of Madden. They'd put a blank disk with a Madden 21 cover if they believed they'd still earn money on micro-transactions. MUT ads before you can hit exhibition, one foot in bounds faculty fashion, quarterbacks all having the butter fingers while conducting, the list continues on and on. So shit they couldn't create Madden somewhat realistic gameplay wise before the super bowl upgrade, fuck EA and their loot box reliant asses those dickheads would have to pay me to buy Mut 20 coins take madden 21 off their hands and free up hard drive space for it.

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