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Before it arrives people have a Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta tendency to hate anything, the comments about creator packs, xbox live and the dearth of news for computer is understandable. Even if we dismiss Segas attitude towards western viewers, we are still talking about an 8 year old game backed by 2 titan companies that's taking quite the opportunity to fully release an already published game ( let's not overlook that the localization process should be minimal due to the efforts of the ark team these past years, and there should be no justification for the computer client but diluting for the port to xbox ( which can be problematic as theres a ps4 client).

It seems as though theres few resources spent in this effort yet they are not shying away from making some cash upfront, despite the fact that they don't require it. We are going to see what we get served when the game starts and just how many of the pros will give up cash and their time to proceed to NA.

No. Their lack of communication on PC release information is frustrating. In case the delay is going to be several months, I will purchase an Xbox to play with this match. I won't be happy about it, but at least I'll know what I need to do in order to play. Butif I buy one, then they announce it had been planned to get a 2-3 week delay all along, I'll feel like I wasted my money. I wish they would say!

There were rewards for enjoying with the closed beta. They wouldn't let us play, so we had no opportunity to acquire this stuff. Will PC players ever have a chance for not being on the platform that is preferred, or are we screwed? They haven't said. They are selling perks and items. When PC players are finally deemed worthy to log in, Can these still be accessible? Can we have another chance? Who knows. They haven't said. It feels as though were being made to watch from the sidelines for no good reason, being penalized for playing.

Yeah this is it. People have played so there's no reason they shouldn't be in a position to possess NA PC right away as long as some people have been waiting. And let us be fair, Xbox just has not been that popular of a new this console generation. So many Switch with just not wanting to buy a Xbox and of the posts wanting to play on PC cite using a PS4. And that's completely honest. What makes absurd is when folks start claiming this is a dubious scheme by Phil Spencer to buy PSO2 Meseta market Xbox Gold, which you can see happening in this thread.What do you miss the most out of past PS games which isn't in PSO2?

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