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BSC Serial TS Model Paper Bag Making Machine

BSC serial include a wide choice of paper bag machine, the TS model is the fully automatic type paper bag making machine, is suitable for the mass bag production, it is the first choice of medium and top-grade handbag device. This product adopts mechanical, electricity, light, gas integration technologies, combines and uses the paper as raw material finishing: paper feeding position, die-cutting tube forming, gusset forming bottom opening, bottom cardboard inserting and bottom glutting automatic, Seamless viscose(hot melt adhesive), then compaction output adopt the PLC program control, frequency control to realize the integral multidimensional control, more centralized control and single point remote control operation. Our Product is character by good quality and high efficiency, its technology ranks leading level in similar products.Get more news about paper bag machine,you can vist our website!

Square bottom paper bag making machine is used to produce shopping bags, grocery bags, food bags, paper bags with handles and stylish bags used for gifts. It has various advantages such as high production, quick changeover, operator friendly and fullyautomatic.This machine is a revolutionary machine, which is mastered to produce finest quality paper bags with or without side gusset. These paper bags can be produced in different sizes and have got wide usage in groceries, packing, food confectionary, stuff, tea powder, medical field.
8 Ways Recycled Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine Benefit Businesses Recycled paper bags are good for more than just the environment. They can help your business, too! Here are a few ways that switching to recycled paper bags can have a positive impact on your company.Create a positive perception in customers'' minds. Even if your business is not completely environmentally friendly, taking a few small steps will help improve the way your customers view you. Using recycled paper bags is a step in the right direction.Gain free publicity. Any time you roll out something new, it gives you something to brag about. Write up a press release and try to get the local newspaper to do a story about your new, environmentally friendly bags. Demonstrate your commitment. Anyone can talk about saving the planet, but people judge you by your actions. When you use recycled paper, you show your commitment to taking actions that will save trees and help the environment.Participate in green promotions locally. Check with environmental groups in your area to find out whether there are any marketing programs you can participate in as an environmentally conscious business. Are there any festivals in your area dedicated to environmentalism Find out how you can get involved.Participate in national promotions. Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million sponsor regular promotions focusing on books and other publications printed on recycled paper. Find out if there is something similar in your industry.Win an award. In the publishing industry, the Aveda Environmental Award recognizes firms that practice sustainable publishing. There are local awards too, such as the Environmental Excellence Achievement Awards presented to area businesses by the Evansville Water & Sewer Utility and Environmental Management Corporation of Evansville, IL.Save money. Many businesses choose reusable fabric bags as an environmentally friendly option. Unfortunately, these bags are much more expensive. With wholesale paper bags, you save money over reusable bags while still helping to reduce waste in the environment. Keep up with the competition. If your competitors are taking steps to become more environmentally friendly, you may lose customers who see that you''re not keeping up. Don''t get left behind when it comes to implementing environmental policies.

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